Product Features:

  Segment A Segment B Segment C
Target Group Physicians, Dentists, Chartered Accountants, Teachers, Architects and Salaried Executives of MNCs with at least 2 years job experience Salaried Executives of local corporate and Govt. Servants with at least 3 years job experience Businessmen and NRB
Businessmen must have five years of business track record and having  offices at Dhaka and Chittagong metropolitan
Interest Rate 14% 14% 14%
Loan Limit Tk. 500,000/- upto Tk.10,000,000/- Tk. 500,000/- upto                     Tk. 10,000,000/- Tk. 500,000/- upto                    Tk. 75,00,000/-
Term Maximum 15 years if client’s age permits Maximum 15 years if client’s age permits Maximum 10 years for businessmen and 7-10 years for NRBs if client’s age permits